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Lessons Learned




-Marh 04


A customer wanted to save by mailing the application to a China Consulate office directly.  But got rejected and returned.  Then mailed to us as second try.


1). Doubled handling efforts;

2). Delayed ~10 days

3).  Cost was more than doubled: double mailing; had to use Express Process; overnight shipping due to timing. 

1). There is no "Free Lunch", and our "lunch" has the best value - You are assured that our service is the best choice!

Where is  “form 1”

-         go online registration

Very often

Some applicants complained as “NOT able to find Form –1

We can not process with out a “Form 1” – the service form.  Even if our own team member need such a form to ensure smooth process.

All application must start from register online, by click on the picture for your service type.  Where you may see service options, contact information, It will summarize all your info, and all need-to-know info.

Visa application Form – must use updated version


  Very often

Since 2006

Every visa applicant must have one visa application form, the most updated version must have “Q1” in it.

Old version forms get some where else must be re-done, and may cause delay.

Down load from our site “Forms” from the top menu


(you may type most information before print-out)

Application form

 - signature needed

Application form filled-out, but NOT Signed

Causing delay for re-do the form– all must be signed

For young children, parents’/guardian may sign and with “(by father/mother)”



Mail-in - “lost”,

- need a new passport

- April 04


     A customer had 16 days to process visa, and selected Standard 5-7 process, overnight shipping back.  But in-coming mail was regular USPS mail, without delivery confirmation.

After 10 days as not heard anything from us, he made an anxiously inquiry.  But that mail was not arrived thus no any record.  Seeing only 5 days left, and there is no chance to find it with enough time for visa processing, he made a rush process to get a new passport, and drove 7 hours one way to China Embassy and made rush process for visa.

3 days later, the original mail returned home and found it with address error.


1). Experienced big worries;

2). Spent extra two days

3). Cost a few hundred dollars

4). Had big risk to travel plan


1). Better to use track-able carrier, or delivery confirm-ation

2. Closer tracking on mailed package -check emails from us, or go web tracking, 2 days after the time you think the package should arrive us;

3. Keep copies of your passport, to assist application for a new one in case needed.







Timing too tight

– flight delayed


- April 04


     A customer had 4 days to process visa. Based on over night shipping both ways, with 24 hour Rush process selected, he booked 5pm flight based on visa arrival by 3pm.

But incoming mail arrived at the time after we made the on-going daily process. It was process on the next day, and get back on time for shipping back.

However, the return shipping process had an error, and lost tracking for a few hours.  Instead of arriving by 3pm, it came back on track later in the night. The customer called to hold in office and picked up next morning at 9 am.


1). Experienced big worries;

2). Spent many hours on phone trying to tracking the package;

3). Missed an international flight, and spent $100 to change flight (lucky it was possible!)



1). Always plan with safety margin

2. Keep close track on mailed package if timing is critical

3. Understand that after being mailed back, we have no more control on the package, and  Customer is responsible for working with the shipper.



Mail-in “signature required”

 - may cause delay


-Marh 04

And more happened


A customer used US Post Service Express as timing required, and asked for signature confirmation.  At the first deliver on Friday our Officer was on the way to Embassy Visa Office.   The mailman left a notice, and on the following Monday waited for pick up (but the notice did not reach us).  On Tuesday it was delivered again & still need to leave a notice.  Our officer waited a few hours on Wed. and met a mailman who did bring-in the package.  On Thursday our officer waited and waited, and finally drove to the post-office to pick-up, but was told the package on the road in a truck for redelivery… it reached us later Thursday!

1). Delayed almost a full week;

2). A lot headaches for customer

3). Extra efforts required on us

4). Added risks to timing


1). Must Waive Signature

2). Go by DHL/FedEx /UPS if you want more security.



- Missing passport


-Dec. 03


Customer mailed-in all documents, but no passport.  

1). Delayed several days

2). Extra cost for mailing

We do our job with more care – Not to mail-back without the passport J


Where is my visa

-Feb. 04


Customer sent in two photos.  When received visa back on passport, noticed the photo drop-out.  Emailed us with anger to complain about service quality – photo did apply to visa firmly.  



1). We explained and the customer became happy.

1). Only one photo needed for Visa Application Form.  -Visa is stick to passport, no photo.

Applied too early

(some visas valid for 6 month)

-Feb 04

 At the visa arrival, the customer noticed it was to expire before the planned travel day that is over 6 months later.


1). Wasted efforts and money

1). Make a better plan;

2). Remind customer to pay attention to timing.


Trouble with Mailing Back

To P.O. box

-Mar. 04

A customer supplied a P.O. box for DHL-usa 2-days delivery as shipping back.   It arrived destination city overnight, but DHL could not deliver because P.O. boxes belong to US Postal Services.

Our office noticed the issue and notified the customer, who called DHL for redelivery to home address..

1). Our officer made extra efforts

2). Customer made extra efforts

1). Do not use P.O. Box for return mail

 2). Business address is better than Residential


Mailing Back

-Jan. 04

A package addressed to a customer's P.O. box was returned to our office because DOES NOT deliver to P.O. Boxes. We called the customer for a business address and resent the package.


 1). Do not use P.O. Box for return mail

 2). Business address is better than Residential  


Mailing Back


– NO Certified

-Dec. 04

A customer selected “own-envelope with stamps” with US PS, wanted it back on time, and with high security, thus used “Certified Mail”. Our Officer had to prepare all return mailing packages.  By the time when the majority got sent at DHL-usa, the US PS office is closed, thus the package was delayed one day.

1). Customer extra headaches due to the delay

2). Our officer had an extra trip to US Postal Office

 If you select “own-Stamp” option, use REGULAR mail,  NO EGISTERED/CERFITIED MAIL, NOR DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. i.e. we may just drop off, no need to wait in lines at postal office


Mailing Back

Package went to a wrong address due to an error

-Feb 04

A TN customer needed Visa in 4 days and processed by all the fastest options.  However, at the mailing back, the package went to FL due to a DHL mistake.  The customer tracked the package after received our mailing notification and found this error.  He called us and our officer assisted around mid-night with detailed shipping information, with which the customer located the package the next day at a DHL office in FL and redirected it to TN.   

Arrival delayed 7 hours, but did not delay the travel on the day after.

       -- Among the 4 days, the Visa Office was closed one day as holiday.

1). Leave more "safety margin" when apply for a visa;

2). It's customer's responsibi-lity for tracking own package status closely

3). Talked to DHL to prevent this kind of incidents from happening again.


Mailing Back

- Not noticed

-Feb. 04

A customer was worried for not hearing from by the time the application supposedly complete.  Worked hard to call and reached us, but our search revealed that the package had arrive his home two days ago!

1).Extra efforts on us

2).Unnecessary headaches

3).Passport was laid in front of door for 2 days

1. Customer needs to check emails for our status updates

2. Customer needs to follow up shipping back process




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