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If in process: Track on web before call us

Better send Emails, avoid phone calls (Phone Inquiry is secondary)


Have your Service ID ready whenever possible




Note:  We may NOT be able to handle all incoming calls. As visa policy tightened recently, which caused our workload more than doubled!­ 

     Instead, email us, with service ID.

Fax #

    For supplementary documents (show Service ID in docs, any time): 


Mailing Addresses
Multiple offices 


Mail-in prefer FedEx


IF use UPS or US PS

Be sure to waive signature at delivery (NOT to require)      to avoid delays.


We have office #1/ 2 /3/ 4/ 5/ 6:  covering all USA, as shown in your Service Form 1.  Or email us to ask:


NOTE Address change:

     We do not have a Walk-in office now

     All by mailing-in, or email, or Fax …

      Call 312-929-9008 or 248-756-0733 if needed


For incoming mails,  we offer FedEx label (PDF file) at discount price, insured and can trackable, Overnight  $31.95   or 2-3 day $18.95   



Help Center Three steps for a China Visa

The China visa process are totally different after the pandemic. Must do the following:


1. Customer must complete visa application form at Chinese Consulate web site

      Online application:

   A good photo is also required during the online application.     

   You may stop any time during the online application, and log in to your account to continue any time.    

   Help info:

   送交成功后,会有个条形码和申请号码出现,并且出现两份文件: (送交后如需修改,要重新送交)

   一是申请表9-10页。其中第8页要签字;另一份汇总表 summary)一页,也要打印签字。     

   这两份文件要扫描成文件,或照片,电邮给我们看看。 原件保留备用。                                                                                                 

2. 预约送交文件的日期和时段 Make an appointment to submit your documents

    即尽快做 “中国签证申请在线预约(AVAS)”。会用到上面的申请号码和联络信息等; 


 这个文件打印成 PDF文件 或者拍照,电邮给我们看看;也要打印出来,原件保留备用。  


3. 准备文件,依据领馆网站 Document requirement are stated at their website: 

    We also prepared a DOCUMENT CHECKLIST for your reference.


4. After you get ready, please email us all you have, by reply to this message

  If you want, We may help you do make appointment (2 above) if you send us the online two forms (from 1 above

  And we can help you look at the documents, although the final decision is only by the consulate.

  We will let you know when all ready to send to us.


  5. Half of the service fee needs to be paid in front.

   The rest service fee, and your visa fee, return mailing fee can be paid AFTER your documents successfully submitted;

   The payment best by bank Zelle, or Paypal (net received), send to

   The mail address shown in Service formbetter confirmed by email, too.


----- Some of the information below may need updates -------- 

1.  Before Apply   - Know More About

2.  Before Apply   - What Services Available

3.  Making Application – How to Prepare

4.  After Mailed   - Process Status

5.  If Not Listed   - Other General & Misc. Questions




Question Type

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How Works

We work directly with the China Embassy in Washington DC, and with Chinese Consulate General in Chicago… acting as your agent to submit visa applications.  You get everything ready and mail to us, we send it in-person for processing.  


All is handled in a fast daily basis.

We will send 1st email when you registered for a SID;


Another email when receive your documents;


3rd email when complete and mailing back, with FedEx tracking number.



What’s advantages has

We are service oriented, not profit oriented.  Our system is built-in with easiness, reliability, and cost effectiveness

1). Whole process is track-able at web any time; 2). Status reports thru mails; 3). Return shipping track-able & insured.




 How could offer such low service fee?  Why the fee is varied?

Our system is offering premium services, yet fee is really the LOWEST, or among lowest ones.

For family packages, you can save on postage, and also get volume discount; for groups of 10+ the unit price is further lowered.

Exact amount will be calculated during online registration, when select process options.



What about area and Zoning with China Consulates

We are recognized by China Visa Offices to serve all applicants across the US, ALL 50 STATES  No matter where you live, WE PROCESS ALL

Our system will tell you where to mail during application.





Are there hidden costs?

No Hidden Costs.  But there are many options to serve you better and some options may come with an additional fee.  We want to satisfy different customer needs.

 On-line process will show you all options    There is NO FREE LUNCH”; yet our “Lunch” has the BEST VALUE




How long will it take to process a visa application?

You can count for days:

1. Mail to us

2. Actual process:

   Regular 5-8 days,

   Express 2-3 days

   Rush 24 hours (only if family emergency)

3. Ship back to you

Total may be 4-14 working days


It is very much depending on your own selections 

You must always add “Safety Margin”.




Will the process speed be affected by holidays, etc

Sure.  On major US holidays and major Chinese holidays, the Visa Office may be closed. 

Multi-day holidays:

Chinese New Year (Jan. or Feb)

May first week  And October first week

Thanksgiving And Christmas

Check at the website by China embassy for holidays.

Other “close” may also occur: special event at China Embassy / Consulates; severe weather, and other occasional un-expected events.






How can I trust you?

We are confident to say YES,  WE ARE THE MOST RELIABLE service provider.  Behind the web, one of our key members has been in American-Chinese Community Services for 30+ years, was leading a nationwide organization, and still a honorary Chair for it - the largest American-Chinese community in US: CSAUS.    

Our system is built-in with reliable features:  Email confirmation & reports at all important steps; any time web tracking and data are updated daily.  

Comments & Testimonies




How to know  Procedures better

Take a “Trial” run -  Just start “Apply On-line”.  Before enter contact information, you can select “Trial” option.


2.  Before Apply   - What Services Available  


Question Type & samples

Quick Answer

More Information




What Services are provided?

We are mainly servicing US citizens for Visa To China as an agent.   All others are additions.

Our web homepage shows all services.



Can you service a Non-US citizen (passport)

Yes we can, as an addition to our major business. We treat all as applying Visa to China with an US passport.  Non-US needs a proof for legal stay in the US.

You must live in US (for mailing) and use an email accessible during the process



Do you process China Passport ?

Sorry, NO longer.

 We may pick up and mail for you.



 Can you process Travel Certificate for overseas Chinese Children


Sorry, NO longer.

 We may pick up and mail for you.



 Can you process visas application for Hong Kong, Macao, and Tai- Wan?

Yes for Hong Kong.  But US citizens do NOT need visa to go MACAO or Hong Kong. 

 There is NO way for us to process a visa for Tai Wan.

For HK visa, you find the requirements, we process. visa/english/hongkong/hkqz.htm





How to process

Visa (or Permit)

to Hong Kong

We may deliver your application to China Embassy for process. 

1) You get all documents ready;

 2) On-line register in the same way as apply for Visa to China;

3)  Visa fee may vary. Adjust at completion based on actual paid to consulate. visa/english/hongkong/hkqz.htm

 HK visa application may take little longer than 5-7 days.

You may find more info at web search.

 3.  Making Application – How to Prepare  


Question Type & samples

Quick Answer

More Information





What Supporting Documents

I need to prepare


Refer to our unique checklist.htm from menu.  It will be linked during your on-line application.  Follow our Checklist you will be ERROR FREE

 We will check your documents when received.    If find errors, we will help you to correct.  Then $10 Premium Service fee is needed. 



Manual Form vs.

Apply On-line

“Apply On-line” is very recommended: Easier, more accurate, progress reports thru emails, and you can track any time later.

 Must have a valid email address; always refer to your Service ID



 What is my application

Service ID

In the Service Form-1 came to the screen for printing if you process on-line; also in the email sent to you before the application process finished.

 Must have a valid email address; always refer to your Service ID





What "mail-back"

Option is the best

Most recommend "2-days insured & track-able", a good balance of security and cost, unless your timing requires Overnight.   As passport being one of your most important documents, we urge you keep Security First!

NO envelope needed if use our 2-days or Over-night. 


FedEx can not send to PO box address.

Not recommend use your own envelope.



Have Difficulties with Computer During the Application Process

1. Try a while later (System may be in maintenance);

2. Email us, tell us about your operating system

3. Email us with a phone number, we can walk you thru

 MS Windows & Internet Explorer 5.5+ work better.  


Other systems may have difficulties



Need to make changes after registered on-line

Make an application again.

We will only use the Service ID in the form you mail-in.

 Abandoned Service IDs will be cleaned periodically.



What's the address to send application to

Stated in Form-1 you need to print out during application process; and stated at the top of this page.

 Our office takes applications from all 50 states.



Phone number and Email for Express shipping



 Address varies pending on urgency, your state, and our workflow.   Email to ask before mailing.



How to mail package to

It's your selection.  Be noted that some of our offices may use different addresses for FedEx shipping and for UPS / US PS.

Prefer and recommend to use FedEx, more reliable in timing and tracking.



Apply for a Travel Certificate (child in Overseas Chinese family)


Must apply in person.



Go China Embassy / consulate website to make reservation in advance.



Apply for a visa for children from an Oversea Chinese Family

Children holding an US passport need to apply for visa, if parents are US citizens or have green card. 

 All fees are same.


4.  After Mailed   - Process Status


Question Type & samples

Quick Answer

More Information



Want to know

if the mail has arrived

Your mail tracking may shown sooner;

We update records and send you email and show at our web tracking in evenings or next day.

Enter Service ID, ALL digits.  Afternoon or Weekend Arrivals may be recorded on the next business day   




Want to know if the Application is OK

No bad news is a good News.

Our officer will pre-check your application. If found more documents needed, or told by Visa Officer for corrections, instead of doing as it is with a risk, we will work on your behalf for the best result, & contact you.


Check your email.   

Or track at our web site.

Enter Service ID, ALL digits. 




Question about Corrections or Additional Documents

Respond to the phone number from which you received notification; or email to mailto: visa application Service ID:

When we found something wrong, we will help you to correct.  Then it is upgraded to Premium Service, with $10 fee

If additional supporting documents needed:

Mostly may be a fax, unless otherwise specified.



Want to know if the application is complete

Check your email

Or track at our web site.

Enter Service ID, ALL digits.  It could slip one night for mailing after get back. 



Want to change ship-back

for faster to catch schedule

It is possible before the completion date

Or before we ship your package out.

Email us to see if it is still possible.

Mail us additional shipping fee before it can be shipped.



Want to cancel application after mailed

Possible only if your package is still on our

hand, before sent to Visa Office for process.

Email us to see if it is still possible

No refund for Service fee, nor shipping fee, in any circumstances.

5.  If Not Listed   - Other General & Misc. Questions


Question Type & samples

Quick Answer

More Information




Websites is the service product for you

 The Visa site is a Secured site.





For any questions related to China visa,

 Be more specific and include the Subject line when send emails.

And, you are recommended to read our complete “Visa Service Tips”


About 95%+ customers may find answers at our website easily & quickly.

If you have a question that has not been answered here, you may email us.


We may very likely have answered your question above, listed as:

1.  Before Apply - Know More About

2.  Before Apply   - What Services Available

3.  Making Application – How to Prepare

4.  After Mailed   - Process Status

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