Tips to China Visa Application


Refer to Chinese government guidelines about visa


1 Q Who needs a Visa to China

AAll Non-China citizens who wants to go to China

       You do not need a China Visa if you are an US Permanent Resident (Green Card)  AND have a valid China Passport


2 How long a China Visa will be Valid

A Visa validity starts from the date visa issued, to the date actually entering China. Duration starts from the actual date entering China.

 Visa Validity can be 6 month (one entry and two entries); 6 month multi entries, and 12 month multi entries.

 Duration can be 30 day, 60 days, up to 180 days, depending on the necessity you specified in the visa application form.

 Generally speaking, regular tourist visa will be generously granted for 3 month validity and 60 day duration.  Other validity and longer duration may be granted with certain appropriate supporting document.

  It is advised to avoid the last day entry.


3 Can you process Visa-To-China for a NON-US passport?

A Yes.  The China Embassy and Consulate(s) in the US can grant visa to China for any passport of any county.

However, we process applications with a Non-US-Passport only if you meet both the following two items:

1.      You are currently living in the US, and use an US mailing address, phone number and an email accessible while you are in the US;

2.      We will process your visa application as we do for an US application.  You need to provide a proof for long term legal stay in the US, like H1/H4 visa, TN visa, or student I-20 form, etc.


4 Where should I send my application to, as I am living in a city without the China Embassy (Consulate)

A Just because your area is far away from the China Embassy (Consulate), our services is very helpful to you!, a branch of, is formally registered with US Federal and several states, and acknowledged by the China Embassy and consulates.

      We process Visa-to-China applications from all states across the US,  NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE.  We have nationwide management system, with operation centers near the China Embassy  or Consulate General,  directing in-coming applications to a most appropriate operation center based on needs.

All you need to do is to fill-in contact info at our website, which will tell you where to send your application to. Just follow our web registration, and we take care all!


Even if you are living in the cities nearby China Embassy (consulate), it is still the most efficient and cost-effective way to apply a Visa for China thru our services:

No Driving, No Line, No waiting, No hassle!


5 How long it will take to process a Visa-to-China thru your services

A It may be as short as 6 working days, or may be 2+ weeks.  Actually it is very much up to you (all the “Day”s refer to ACTUAL WORKING DAYS).

Please understand that China Embassy (consulate) visa office opens 5 hours a day (9-3 only, less lunch time), and closed on all US holidays and Chinese holidays.

And consider that our officer need to drive to the visa office for your application after your mailing arrive us (very likely arrives in the afternoon so that we can actually start on the second day), the whole process will be slightly longer than that you apply in person directly.

 Here are the factors: 

 China Visa office to process your application:  Standard process:  5-7 days;  Express: 2-3daysRush (6 hours or 24 hours): Same day or the following day.

 Shipping:  In-coming (up to you), and Mailing back, can be overnight, 2-3 days, or 3-5 days.  

 And, to record all data for email reports & web tracking, we need 1-2 days extra.   

       We offer all the options to you.  Thus, you could process with standard method for the lowest-cost, 2+ weeks, or select all express options, to shorten it to 4 days. 

        No matter what options you select, you must leave sometime extra, as the there may be some un-expected and non-control-able factors in the whole process.


6What is the best time to apply for a Visa to China

A Whatever best fit your travel plan, but NOT longer than 3 months prior to your travel date

       We noticed that there is a seasonal variation in visa application volume, which may some how effect the processing timing; but the volume / season plays no role in approval decision. 

       We recommend you to start the visa application process about 4-8 weeks prior to your travel date.


7What supporting documents are needed when apply for a Visa to China

 A.  See the website by China Embassy for official requirements.  (linked from our homepage menu)

Or, take a short-cut:  we offer comprehensive consultation in a checklist in the Service Form (at the end of web registration), based on our extensive day-to-day practice, which include all official requirements, and deviations some time occurs. The checklist is also available from the menu, and linked at the end of your on-line application.


8I heard that there are many different visas.  Which should I apply

A.      Yes, there are many types of visas you may apply, in terms of number of Entries, Validity and Duration, classified by letter C,D,F,G, J-1, J-2,  X, Z, etc.  Also there may be different treatments on young children and citizens from other countries. 

       You are advised to read and completely understand the guidelines from official website by China Embassy.  All information in our site is for reference only and overwritten automatically by the official version in China Embassy’s website.

However, there are some hints that may help you simplify the selection process: Do NOT  need to study all these classifications, but be clear for yourself about the reasons to go to China, and how long you need to stay.  In other words, just fill-in the Visa Application (Form-2) truthfully - the Visa Officer will review in detail and decide what type of visa for you.

In terms of number of Entries, Validity, Duration, and Visa Fees, we briefly summarize them as following:

One Entry, 6 month valid, good for the first time applicant

Two Entries, 6 month valid; Good for short term tourist, meetings;

Multi- Entries, 6 month valid, Good if you need frequently travel to China;

Multi- Entries12 month valid, Good if you need frequently travel to China for business reasons

Refer to Chinese government guidelines about visa


9I want to try a longer/higher visa, but can not be sure.  How to determine Visa Fee

A:    It’s your decision and luck to try.
       You may decide what type of visa to apply, and pay visa fee accordingly.  In the event you applied and paid for a longer term but get granted a shorter one, we will refund the fee surplus you have paid, less $5 for special handling; but no refund for additional service fee paid.


10Can you guarantee a visa approval if I mail my application to you?

ASorry we can NOT.

We are your agent for the visa application, but not a Chinese government office.  We have no any involvement in the visa determination process, nor explanation.

But as far as we know, it is not difficult to obtain a China visa (we have 99.99+% approval rate).  If there is no specific political nor legal involvement, most normal applications will be granted.


11What if my visa application is rejected?

A Suppose you apply for visa in person by yourself, what you can do if rejected? 

We will try to make sure this is not a result of mistake, or try to get an explanation for the reject.  But we may not guarantee an satisfactory answer.

If we can not obtain a visa for you, we can only let you know as soon as possible, with refund to what you have paid for visa.   

But NO refund for the Services fee, nor shipping fee.


12I need process several applications for my family, for different visas, How to do that

A.    Our system is designed for processing family batch for one single visa type, for easiness.

If you need to apply for different visas, you first of all need to group all passports by visa types, and process ONE TYPE a time, then go next.

For the first application batch, select your favorite “Mailing –Back” and "Payment Method" options that you really intend to use;

Then, for following batch(es), select “Mailing –Back” option by “2nd combined shipping back”, to avoid repeated shipping fee;

You can actually mail all in one envelope to us.

Note: Each applicant needs a Visa Application Form in which clearly state which visa needed;


13Why need to pay by Money Order or Cashiers checks? 

AChina Embassy (Consulate) accept Money Order / Cashier’s Checks only

Since you need to prepare a Money Order/Cashiers’ Check any way,  you may add all fees all together, to avoid extra efforts.

A Cashier’s check normally cost about $3.00.  You may get a money order at a US postal office, or many other convenience stores.


14. Can I pay by a regular business check or personal check?  How about a Credit Card?

A For you convenience, We conditionally accept your regular business check, or even a personal check

If you select the option to pay by a regular/personal check, you must ensure there is sufficient balance on the check account; otherwise, your will be responsible for additional penalty for the fund shortage, and your application may be delayed.  Even if you get thru by chance this time,  the “bad check” will permanently ban you from our services in the future, and even jeopardize this convenience payment option at all.

Be noted that we charge $2.00 for this option.

     We DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARD, for cost, and for Security reasons.   


15. To whom should the Fees Payable?

AAll fees please pay in one check / money order.  PAYABLE TO, Inc.

      We will take care of the payment to China Embassy (Consulate).


16Is your process reliable What if a passport gets lost

AWe can confidently say that our system is set up for max reliability, as secured as you apply in person.

First of all, we keep all related information confidential, for your visa application purpose only, will never release to any third parties for any reason.

Secondly, we have a complete on-line recording and tracking system.  At every step during the process, we will send you an email update you the most recent progress, when you filed online, when your passport arrives us, and when your visa application completed and ready for mailing back.  And you can log-on to our website to find out the status any time by yourself.  This is a system that so far no any other service provider has ever offered!

And, we use FedEx for mailing back.  The shipping carriers come with a tracking number, and a default $100 insurance per mail; and we pay additional for every passport to be insured for up to $100.

(Be noted that if you use your own “stamped return envelop”, we can not offer any tracking or insurance)

However, please keep in mind that, just like you do all yourself in person, there will still be some un-controllable factors involved, such as natural & un-expected incidents.  And we can not control the process detail while the passport is in China Embassy or inside the shipping system.

     Thus, we strongly recommend you to use US PS Priority or insured shipping method when send to us; and your are advised to make necessary copies of your documents before you mail all to us.  By doing that, you can have record to recover in case they got lost in mail.


17How to handle shipping / mailing?

AThe most common method is US PS priority + delivery confirmation,

      Refer to complete explanations in “Checklist & Tips” available from the menu, and linked at the end of your on-line application.


18How to ensure a 100 shipping process

A.   To be frankly, there is probably nothing 100% reliable.  Some people, for instance, may even forget to bring passport when drive in to apply for a visa! (And we did experience that for the Mailing Processing, we received applications with all needed documents but the Passport!).  And some other risks may never be 100% eliminated.

    But we are working harder to bring the risk to the lowest, and max the reliability.

    We use FedEx shipping back, with a tracking Number which greatly enhance the reliability: the chance of getting lost is below 0.1%;

    We strongly recommend you to use our shipping method for shipping back for your peace of mind. 


19What if I have more questions Is there is a phone number to call

AWe hope you are all covered, no more questions.

      As a matter of fact, if you follow our on-line procedures, the whole process is kind of simple.  Besides our programmed emails to keep you updated, you can log-on for the process status any time.

But if you still have questions, if related to China visa policies, you may go to China Embassy / Consulate’s website to find more details (see our “links”);

If related to our service, you may read thru our “Tips” more thoroughly;

Or you may send us emails for more details.  When sending inquiry emails, please always include your Services ID (before your mail arrives we may not be able to find much information for you, though). 


 When filing, please provide your phone and email address accurately so we may contact you if needed.


 If you still have questions, our  Contact & Help Center may have a quick answer for you.

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