HOW TO Prepare and Ship to

Read carefully to avoid errors, avoid additional cost, more importantly, prevent delays   

Section 1: 

Mailing Preparation                               

1.1   Select a mail carrier - Consider reliability and timing requirements

Email us if you want a FedEx label (Ready to print pdf file). Overnight $24.95; OR 2-3 day $16.95 (may be much better than you do it)

    Fedex most recommended, best overnight Priority (10:30 am delivery)

    USPS Overnight or priority with delivery confirmation

    UPS (10:30 am also available)        -Either way, BETTER NOT TO REQUIRE signature ("Signature Waived")


1.2 After shipped to us, within 2-4 days

    Watch for Email. Will be "in process" if all good, otherwise "on hold" IF SOMETHING WRONG

    Or better, track at web site. It's more accurate & reliable (our emails may go to "junk mail" folder). Normally, No News is a good news.


1.2   Note our mailing addresses Shown in Service From


        IF local (MI Novi area) – For drop off & in-person review & pick up: (20879 Chase Drive, Novi, MI 48375)

                                                           Best Saturdays 11 am – 2 pm; OR weekdays after 6 pm. 


Email us if you want a FedEx label (Ready to print pdf file). Both you and us can track it.

Overnight $24.95; OR 2-3 day $16.95 (may be much better rate than you do it)


 Our mailing address is based on your area






Cover all Areas


Office M – Michigan

Good for all

US 50 states

For Operation Offices      Verify with your Service From

Better ask for our FedEx label: Overnight $24.95; 2-3 day $16.45

Office 1

in Chicago For

Chicago area

9 states and More

Office 2

In DC Area  

For 15 states 


Office 4

New York For  CT / ME/ MA/ NH /NJ / NY / OH / PA/ RI / VT

Office 6

In S.F. For

AK / CA-North / NV / OR / WA














200 S Wing St. #219

Northville, MI 48167


Tel 248-504-4624


1A  Better -FedEx Only


FedEx Hold for Lg Zheng

ChinaServices Linda Li

Chicago, IL 60654


Tel 248-504-4624


All Carriers:



LG Zheng C/O Tiger J. Wu 
2939 Van Ness Street NW, Unit #420

Washington DC 20008 

Tel: 888-899-8472


All Carriers:



Attn Lg Zheng & Xu

Spring LM Travel

13621 Roosevelt Ave #201



Tel 248-504-4624




All Carriers:



Lg Zheng & Lili Yang

1770 Post St. #281

San Francisco,

CA 94115


Tel 248-504-4624

 M1B Local – Novi, Michigan

Drop off & Pickup & Doc Review

Weekday after 6 pm

Saturday 11 am - 2 pm:

20879 Chase Drive

Novi, MI 48375

1B (UPS or US PS)

ChinaServices Linda Li

3524 S.  Damen Ave

Chicago, IL 60609

Tel 248-504-4624

(W/ Signature waived)




1. Email us your PLANNED travel date, or the date you must get passport back;


2. Email us your tracking number so we can better watch for it;

About FedEx Shipping

·       Most Fedex / Kinko’s offices open to 7 or 8 pm, Saturday to 3 or 5 pm; some Kinko’s  24 hours;

·       Most Post Office bldg has a Fedex Drop box in front yard, with shipping labels and accept credit card;

·       The Best way to ship is OVERNIGHT PRIORITY that deliveries at 10:30 am.


We hope all is correct at the first time, and will verify your docs to make sure all is right. Still, in the event that it gets rejected due to not-confirming condition, and causing us more work, re-submit, etc. we will have to charge $10 or more each case, besides possible delays.



Section 2

Supporting Document                                                        Print this “HOW-TO” tips in PDF file 

    Follow the Document Checklist (also in Service Form) in details, to prevent mistakes and prevent delays.

    This Checklist is concise and very comprehensive, good for ~99% cases


Starting Sept. 2013

F business Visa

         Requires an Invitation letter from China, WITH SOME SPECIAL INFORMATION REQUIRED

         Must look like our sample (the link sent to your email): page 1

L business Visa requires one of 2 options:

           A) Tourist company arrangements; or

           B) air tickets + Hotel;

Q1 / Q2  Visiting Visa requires C) Invitation plus inviter’s China ID

            See Invitation2012.doc at

                    IF inviter is a Chinses citizen, use page 2;

                    IF inviter is a foreigner long term stay in China, see page 3


     We hope all is correct at the first time, and will verify your docs to make sure all is right. Still, in the event that it gets rejected due to non-conforming or missing docs, and causing us more work, re-submit, etc. we will have to charge $10 or more each case, besides possible delays.



Section 3 

Visa Application Form Preparation                            


3.0 Get Visa forms at our web site

       Visa forms MUST BE TYPED, EVERY FIELD FILLED-in (write N/A if no information for it), NO EXCEPTION.


3.1 Manual Form or Typed Form (and, how to type in Chinese)

Visa officers require TYPED and CLEAN visa forms.  NO manual forms accepted.  NO EXCEPTION.  

       Chinese name etc. may manually filled.

       Our web (under Forms) has a link for typing Chinese (copy & paste) without Chinese software needed.


3.2  Photo

Photo is one of the highest rejected items for not meeting standards.

STANDARD: recently taken (within 6 month) at a photo service, 2”x2”, color, clean background.  DO NOT TRIM.

Common mistakes: Cut to fit the frame in visa form – becomes too small. Actually OK to stay larger than frame;

                               Taken as digital photo and printed on a regular paper – surely will be rejected

                                 Taken as digital photo and printed at a photo machine – You judge good enough or NOT


3.3  Date Format:  YYYY-MM-DD.


In Visa Form, pay special attention to items below

In general, form needs completely filled out, with ALL ITEMS filled in, or N/A.  NO BLANKs.


1.2 Chinese name, write in Chinese.  原来正式使用过的中文名字,用中文写。

      A must if ever formally used before even though no longer legal name;

      Do not show Chinese name if never officially used in a formal document;

1.7 Often get rejected.  Tips:

      Self employed: Still needed, use your registered business name and address;

      If company name indicates business type (such as “xxxx school”), OK;

              Otherwise add description, such as Accounting, Manufacturing, Medical, Retail, Importing …

      Children above 5 years old – must show school info, even if in Kindergarten;


1.9 Driver License number, Or “N.A.” if no driver license

1.15 Occupation. For “Businessman” or “Company employee” – Also use “other” to show profession.

2.1 Trip Purposes:  Easiest if Tourism, Or visit family (Chinese citizen or foreigner legally stay there long term).

               For Meetings/ Business/ Study / Employment, need more docs as shown in Service Form1.

2.2 If want to try 2-10 year visa, at “Other” state “2-10 year multiple”

2.4 Must state a date for the next planned trip. Fill in a “reasonable” date even if not planned yet

2.5 Use 30 day / 60 day / 90 day. Note 180 days is the max and easier if retirees, pre-school kids.

2.6 Fill-in1-3 Hotels’ info if go for Tourism. RESERVATION NEEDED.

2.8 If visit family. Need name, detailed mailing address, phone, & relationship, IN CHINESE if visiting Chinese.

4. Must sign here, no matter do the form for own, or do by some one else.

    For kids below 18 years old, may sign by a parent / guardian, with “(mother)” or alike.

    Best to use non-black pen, to show that the signature is Authentic & Original, Not a copy

5. Must fill-in the whole section + signed,

    If the form is done by a parent /guardian for children below <18 year old;

    OR, if do for an adult by another person.      



Section 4 

Avoid Most Common Mistakes                         Print this “HOW-TO” tips in PDF file


4.1 Not paying enough attention to the preparation process.

Some people are just too careless.

We have identified all “possible mistakes” already. If you read our instructions during the online

Registration and the Document Checklist in Service Form 1 should be no way to make mistakes!


Be advised that visa process is serious, worthies attention, to protect your travel plan and timing.

If it delays trip, it will need your attention and efforts anyway, and will surely cost a lot more!


4.2 Passport Validation

Need 2 consecutive blank pages, AND only count pages with the word “VISA” in it;

Valid for at east 6 month from the date arrived visa office;

Consulate will NOT issue a visa that valid longer than passport.


4.3 Short of Supporting documents

F-business visa, X -student visa, Z - work visa need two supporting docs;

Going for Tourism visa is much easier;


Non-US Passports need a doc showing legal stay in the US;

       Dual citizenship – Must use US passport, as considered the primary citizenship;


Other special cases:

       Name changed since last passport (including marriage) – need legal record (copy)

       For citizens from some countries, may need more docs subject to request

       - Consulate may request anything else not commonly listed


4.4 Photo

One of the highest possibilities get rejected. Refer to section 3.2


4.5 Visa form non-confirming

Many many items may go wrong. 

Basically, each item carefully evaluate and fill in most details as appropriate;

Do not base on your own judgment, but refer to this file, section 3.3


4.6 Signature missing or insufficient.  No 1 mistake.

     Many people typed the form, but forget sign;

     Many parents did form section 7, but missing sign for children in section 6.

         - For kids <18 year old, need do both section 6 and section 7. See section 3 #7.


4.7 In-coming Shipping Mistakes

We do for all 50 states, processing in 6 consulates, each uses own mailing addresses.

Sorry for the complication, but that’s the way to do our job most efficiently.  They are actually

well structured and explained clearly in this file Part 1: 1.3  Note our mailing addresses.

Follow the description all will right.


If messed up the office address, no worry about document security – they are all safe and

reliable, but will likely cause some delays and/or transfer cost.


4.8 Return Shipping Selection Mistakes

Overnight – Guaranteed AM delivery, or guaranteed 3 PM. Both good for urgent cases;

2-3 day – most common, more economical and still reasonably fast;

MI Novi for local pick up – Saturdays, or weekday evenings.  Must bring in Service ID;

       Pick up is NOT faster, actually may be slower, since we may bundle shippings;

Second case – for two or more cases to the same address, the second+ can save shipping;

Own envelopePaid FedEx label only.  We can not go many places to ship.


4.9  “I did this before, why now different” ?

Success in the past does not guarantee same way to OK now, since:

Policy / standards may changed, examples, Photo standards much higher now; prefer typed forms;

Variations among visa officers regarding standards …


4.10 Do not know SID (Service ID)

It’s in Service Form, a result from online registration, shown in Email.

Every case must have SID when contact us, otherwise we can not keep track.

OR, if not yet, register online,, to get one.



We hope all is correct at the first time, and will verify your docs to make sure all is right. Still, in the event that it gets rejected due to not-confirming condition, and causing us more work, re-submit, etc. we will have to charge $10 or more each case, besides possible delays.


Version: 20140510  Further questions, Email to Team            Print this “HOW-TO” tips in PDF file