Visa policy TIGHTENED!Must Know Before You Start††† Updated 2023-2-6


We can STILL do all 50 states at the lowest rate and highest reliability! ††BUT NOTE:

探亲和商务签证目前都可以办理 Q2 family visiting and business visa accepted


1. You can apply for China visa now!Be noted that China visa process is more complicated than itís used to be.

Take the whole process serious, detailed approach.须严谨对待,耐心细致。


2. Photo digital file needs to be loaded during online process

Must meet the requirements as shown:

ŗ View photo samples and standards

ESPECIALLY FACE SIZE, MUST fit frame 15-22 mm W x 28-33 mm H.


IF loaded successfully during online application, NO hard copy needed;

However, if failed to load, need to mail-in two good photos, hard copy.


3. (ALL NEW) Visa Application process

††† AContinue below for a Service ID, 继续这个程序,完成服务号码,

††† BRead email immediately for next steps

††††††††† 立即会有电告知后面的详细步骤,将基本文件送给我们预审。

†† CGo consulate website 网上填写申请表

†††††††† Must select a consulate related to your state - will verify driverís license or residency.

†† D.Make Appointment for your documents 网上预约时间送交文件

†† E Prepare documents following our document Checklist. 依据我们的文件查核清单准备. Then mail to us.

*** Short of required docs, may need re-do submission, and cause delay. 文件不合格可能延误, 并加收服务费


4.(NEW) Process speed varies.

For DC, NY, and Chicago, depends on when your appointment can be reserved.Then, about a week;


Currently LA and SF can not make appointment, but go by daily long line, Mostly take 10 working days thereafter.


řContinue when readyř