About ChinaServices.us

And usChinaVisa.com


ChinaServices.us, Inc. is a Federal and State formally registered service provider;

www.usChinaVisa.com is the most important service product at current; with many other services available as well.


To offer the China Visa by mail, we had many years of extensive experience with China embassy and Consulate(s) in the US, recognized as a reliable agent to process China visa application by mail, a convenient service of great value that you have been looking for!


Since the company established in 2003, we have processed dozens of thousands of applications successfully, with 99.99+% approval rate;

And, believe or not, we made some minor errors like mis-grouped for process or mailing speed, but never a serious mistake.  In this sense, our service is virtually 100% reliable!


All the major staff at ChinaServices.us and usChinaVisa.com are long term Community leaders knowing very well about your needs, and about how the Chinese government works.  There is really no one else can offer this service better than we do!  Just look:


1. Convenience and easiness.  

   We can process your visa application regardless where you live in the United States;

   You can either simply download the forms and mail to us,

   or easily input contact information on-line to speed-up the process and prevent errors;

   You also have choices for return mailing;

   You can even pay by your personal checks!


2. Reliable and track-able

   We keep all your personal information private and will never release to any third parties for any reason

   We will send you many emails during the process to keep you updated so you know your application status all the time

   You can also log in to our website to find out the status by yourself, anytime

   All our mailings to you are insured for $100, and will have a tracking number (Not include your self-prepared stamp-ready return mailing).


3. Most cost-effective

While other companies may charge $50s or $80s for similar services, we charge only around $20 or even lower with return customer discount!

Imaging you live 30 minutes away from a Chinese Consulate processing visa, it may still take 2-3 hours to complete the whole process.

By us, you will have NO driving, NO waiting in line, No hassle!


How much more can you expect!  Let usChinaVisa.com process your visa application now!  Trust us!